A future-proof brand: your brand compass leads the way

This is Holland High Tech

Holland High Tech is the “topsector High Tech Systems and Materials.” The business community, knowledge institutions, and governments work closely together within the ecosystem of innovations in public-private partnerships. Teams of experts within Holland High Tech develop key technologies in fifteen roadmaps that offer structural solutions to challenges in the areas of climate, sustainability, health, safety, and mobility. What could we help them with?


Brand compass with the right focus

“How do we make clear what we do as Holland High Tech?” This was the initial challenge we focused on in our collaboration. To answer that question, we clarified their line on the horizon, looked for the emotional drivers of their brand, and determined their brand archetype. We did this in a workshop session using the 23plusone method. Of course, we couldn’t leave out an appropriate tone of voice.

All of this led to the right focus and the tools (in the form of a brand compass) with which Holland High Tech can clearly and unequivocally present itself to its various target audiences. A brand that scores highly in both emotion and facts. Yay! But hold on, we’re not done yet.

A new website

After an enthusiastically received brand compass, we were then instructed to also reinvigorate the website. The former website no longer met the needs of Holland High Tech in a number of areas. We wanted to make it more visual and narrative while finding the right balance between informative and inspiring. The website had to be ready for the future and comfortable to use for their target audiences as well as the colleagues at holland High Tech—both on the front and the back end. So we got to work!

Focus on functional design

Is the site laid out as ideally as possible? Which pages are where? What kinds of functionality and flexibility should we take into account? Which unique patterns do we see emerging? Team design dove into the deep end. After asking what the wishes and requirements are, what the current situation is, and using the knowledge we had gained during the brand compass process, we came up with an optimized set-up for the website’s structure and a functional design that would best suit the visitor.

The visual aspect of a brand

To further shape the project, we kept the website visitor top of mind. What do they like? What is desirable and useful? We also took into account the responsive effect of the website on various screens, guaranteeing the right look from desktop to mobile. To bring the whole thing to life, we then thought about the right motion design to at movement to parts of the pages.

Even during the functional design stage, we kept a short line of communication with the technical partner. Finally, we handed over the graphic design and therefore the website baton.

Holland High Tech - UX/UI webdesign

Ready for the future

But we weren’t really done yet. And secretly, we were happy about that. We stayed in touch with the technical partner and Holland High Tech to get the most out of all these steps together. This means that we eventually also joined in the development of content, closely followed the translation to the front and back end, contributed to the filling of the CMS, and rolled out a matching newsletter. Filled with enthusiasm, we kept on creating and working.

At the end of this assignment we looked at each other and agreed: the brand is strong now!
Holland High Tech is ready for the future. The brand as well as the website. 

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