A tailor-made campaign: online and offline

Client: Hager
twee van Hager’s productgroepen vangen in één kernachtige boodschap

Putting on the installer’s shoes 👟

The challenge: to capture the diverse qualities of two of Hager’s product groups in one concise message. Where to start? Putting ourselves in the shoes of the target audience: the installers! Ultimately, they must warm up to Hager’s switchgear and energy distributors. What do we focus on? Smart design, quality, and ease of installation.

That was our hook for the campaign! It’s the smallest details that make a huge difference during installation. Especially when you have to stick to a tight schedule. An innovative conduit insertion part, pre-assembled captive screws, or extra mounting space in the switchgear? It all saves time and reduces frustration. The approach had been chosen: ‘Small details, big differences’.

A whole series of publications

Time to roll out the campaign! With an eye on the three pillars—design, quality, and ease of installation—we sharpened our pencils and designed the whole campaign. The result? A series of advertisements and advertorials, ready for publication in various trade magazines. We reinforced our message with clear infographics and roll-up banners intended for the Hager sales department. A sturdy way to make an impression to innovative energy distributors and the installation industry.

Your campaign, our puzzle to solve 🧩

Setting up a campaign that captures an extensive range of products and manages to get the attention of the target audience: talk about a puzzle. And we love solving puzzles! The end result: an electrifying campaign with content that really says something about Hager’s wonderful products. 

Are you puzzled about the best way to get your message across? We are more than happy to make your pieces fall into place!

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