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Client: PI Benelux
PI Benelux - ondersteuning marketing en communicatie

Spot-on campaigns and content about precision motion control

PI Benelux is a market leader in high precision motion control systems. This international organization develops and produces tailor-made motion and positioning systems, one-off products, and OEM series in high-precision motion technology. We provide ongoing support in the form of marketing communication for the BeNeLux branch of PI. The support varies from social media and website management to devising and developing content strategies and marketing campaigns.

Broadening of perception

‘PI Benelux does something with piezos, don’t they?’ A phrase PI heard a little too often. The portfolio of this innovative brand extends so much further than just the Piezo components. To make (potential) customers aware of this and to change their perception, we created a cross-media awareness campaign: ♾ Infinite Possibilities (in precision motion).

The challenge? Visualizing PI’s complex product portfolio in a simple way. The underlying message: there are infinite possibilities for combining these techniques. For this purpose, we made ten simple animations in which individual precision movements were animated separately. In addition, we wrote accompanying blogs that underline the possibilities of each movement. And, three hardcopy advertisements appeared in the trade magazine Mikroniek about the ‘infinite possibilities in precision motion’.

Finally, we translated the campaign into PI’s stand at the Precision Fair. Watch the three steps in which we brought PI’s endlessly interesting story to the foreground in the video below::

A strong communication concept for a strong product

Engineered Systems is a unique method in which PI speaks with customers to come to one-of-a-kind motion control systems. With this approach, PI delivers a system that is always more than the sum of its parts. To draw attention to their way of working, we developed an awareness campaign and a content strategy. This included social posts, a blog, and a story graphic.

Ondersteuning marketing en communicatie


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