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Client: JADS

JADS: Impact through data

The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS), a joint initiative of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology, has been the Netherland’s hotspot in the field of data science and training since 2016. It is a place where students, researchers, and companies work together to create value using data. By discovering new possibilities, the organization is at the forefront.

JADS wants to make an impact with data science through linking science and business by embedding data into and connecting it to society. JADS also wants to entice others to make an impact on the world with data science.

Optimaliseren van merk en positionering

A deep dive with the 23plusone method

When JADS was founded, the brand was mainly built from a visual angle. What was missing was a brand story rooted in the emotional drivers of the partners that make up JADS. In short: a solid foundation in the form of a storyline with a sharp brand compass and a brand guide. A broader vision that provides more guidance and provides tools to shape the complete user journey. The journey of students, prospective students, and employees.

The first step towards a brand compass? Clarifying the emotional drivers of course. Based on our reMARKable scan, we gathered this information and further elaborated on it during a workshop with JADS. A complex process in which we went on a journey of discovery together through our 23plusone method. What makes employees get up in the morning? What kind of headline would they like to see in the paper about JADS, five years from now?

Looking for the archetype of your brand

Another step in this process: figuring out which archetype fits your brand. Is the organization more of a lover or more of the Indiana Jones type? This is important, because linking an archetype—a recognizable character—to your brand helps enormously when creating branded content. And it ensures that your target audience recognizes you.

The results of the workshop was a guideline with which JADS could further build the brand. Not only in terms of tone-of-voice, but also in terms of design, visual content, website, and other touch points that students and employees deal with online as well as offline.


Testing of brand experience

The next step was an exciting one. The brand compass and testing the the sharpened positioning we aimed for. Does the optimized identity resonate with the target audience? Because your brand succeeds or fails based on the recognizability among those you want to reach.

We used qualitative research to compare the brand compass and the target audience’s needs. We adjusted accordingly and wrote a clear proposition to the market to show off the awesome things JADS does: “They do cool stuff that matters, with data.”😎

Does your brand also need refinement? Whether this is visual, in feel or in communication, we are happy to help you. Jeroen loves to help you discover what gets you and your colleagues out of bed.

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