Brand strategy

A strong brand, that is the goal of every entrepreneur. How do you achieve this? We’ve got you. Our branding specialists all have their expertises when it comes to building a strong brand. We combine a personal approach with in-depth knowledge of brand strategy, marketing, and communication. This is how we lay a solid foundation for your brand, which benefits you in both the short and the long term.

Brand Compass

The world around us is constantly changing. It may be cliche, but it’s true. Which is why it is important that your business strategy is not pinned down to a singular goal. Make it wider. At Factor Tachtig we believe in a line on the horizon. A dot leads to tunnel vision. With a line you are more agile and therefore prepared for all the opportunities and threats that will come your way. The ideal instrument? A brand compass! A brand compass indicates the direction you wish to take, regardless of the situation in which your brand or organization finds itself. As a result, you can easily make adjustments when necessary, without having to rewrite your vision, mission, or brand strategy.

What does a brand compass consist of?

Brand Values

The first layer of your brand compass consists of the human motivators of your brand. hese form the brand values of your organization. In other words, the ‘why’ of your brand. Brand values capture what is important to the people who make up your brand. To uncover these human motivations, we apply the 23plusone method. This scientific method was created to generate connection and to stimulate positive actions with impact. What drives your brand?

Brand Archetype

As soon as the motivators of your brand are established, we develop your organization’s brand archetype. We use the twelve archetypes for this, ranging from creator to lover and from ruler to hero. Why do we give your brand a character? This is the reference point of your brand—a way to test whether all of your expressions suit you—so that you are recognizable to your target audience. Which archetype do you think suits your organization?

Brand Optimum

To help steer the first two parts of your brand compass, we create a brand optimum. his is a summary of the brand values and brand character of your organization. We bring these values to life by looking for the right balance. In this way you automatically arrive at behavior, communication, design, text and visuals that are authentic and reMARKable. To create balance you need equilibrium, which we find in between two extremes. These are certainly not absolute values. Your brand values stem from, among other things, the traditions of your organization and employees. Sometimes your message needs a little more power, sometimes a little more modesty. You will find this room to maneuver in the brand optimum. But don’t cross the line, make sure to always stay true to your brand values, to guarantee the authenticity of your brand.

Once your brand compass or brand strategy has been established, you can get started with the visual “tangible” expressions of your brand, such as the corporate identity and tone of voice.

Corporate Identity

Your brand’s visual identity is one of the first things people notice and remember. It is therefore very important that the corporate identity matches your brand values. This starts with your brand colors. They must fit your brand. How do you visualize your brand’s archetype?

Tone of voice

Setting the right tone, that is what distinguishes a brand. You apply a reMARKable tone of voice to all expressions from your brand. This creates recognizability, so that someone knows who the messenger is after reading just one sentence. Have you found your brand’s tone of voice yet?

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