Build a strong brand with 23plusone

Building a strong brand. Easy, right? But where do you start? And why is one brand burnt into your eyelids while another is out of mind, as soon as it’s out of sight? This is a puzzle Factor Tachtig would like to solve with you. The 23plusone method helps us with this conundrum.

Intrinsic values and human motivators

What does 23plusone do? This scientifically proven method helps you clarify your intrinsic values. 23plusone calls this ‘emotive branding’. The method theorizes that there are 24 human motivators or interests, that contribute to your happiness.

These motivators can be divided into 5 categories, among which are basics, self development, and ambition. By eventually coming to six of these motivators, selected from the different categories, you lay the foundation for a strong brand.

Setting up a brand palette 🎨

But how do you know which motivators fit your brand? Through a workshop we help you intuitively find the right mix. Do terms like fun, talent, and leadership fit your brand? Or do you feel more connected to images of innovation and cooperation? The workshop is is the moment to come together, to think, and to discuss the motivations of your brand.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The sometimes wafer-thin choice between one or the other motive ensures that you arrive at a clear brand compass. The friction between the different categories makes your brand more complete and attractive. Did you know that such a brand compass can also help you with your (internal and external) communication and decision-making? After all, what do you and your colleagues eventually get out of bed for in the morning?

Sharpen your brand

Have you been taking your brand for granted lately? Do you still have the same outlook as you did a couple years ago? Has your position in the market shifted? The 23plusone method helps to bring focus. Subtle differences in motivators, can change the way you see your brand or your relationship with your customers. For instance, can you choose between ‘togetherness’ and ‘caring’? Where one might emphasize cooperation, another might think of a relation not unlike a nurse and their patient. But what do you want your organization to focus on? And what is the effect on your brand, the way you run your business and the way you communicate?


23plusone helps with branding, but also with rebranding. The devil is in the details. Let’s take Factor Tachtig as an example: we chose to swap our motivator ‘beauty’ for ‘attractiveness’ in our palette. Why? Beauty is a relative concept. We do not strive for esthetic beauty as our main goal, but to authenticity and functionality. Attractive to, and matching our client. Two motivators that seem really similar, but have a very different impact.

23plusone for the entire company

A strong organization with a clear goal has ‘reMARKable’ staff who match the collective motivators. This results in a clear and positive corporate structure and, eventually, the strong brand you’re aiming for. Did you know that 23plusone could be used to map out the values of your colleagues, on an individual as well as a collective level? We always use our deck of 23plusone cards in our job interviews.


23plusone for your company?

Use 23plusone as a starting point for a successful brand. Factor Tachtig is certified to use this method and has helped many a customer with this method. We are curious: what are your motivators?

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