Data driven marketing

Data driven marketing. The term says it all: marketing strategy rooted in data. You might think of a customer database when you hear the term “data,” but data can also answer questions such as: “Which is the most visited page on my website?” Or “Which leads matter and should I keep warm?” Because these and many other data points are available nowadays, listening to your customers is easier than ever. Setting up the customer experience based on the data-by-design principle allows data to serve as a tool that works for both you and your customers.

Creating value with data

When it comes to marketing, data is crucial to gaining valuable insights. Data is a very nice fuel for your marketing machine—but also offers valuable insights for other departments (like sales). Linking, visualizing, and using these insights is making data work for you. And we love nothing more than making data work for you, and for your customer, so that the brand experience becomes even more powerful. 

Insight: research and discover

First, we look together at how data is currently being handled within your company and what data you already have. This means we collect as many insights as possible. 

Strategy: plan ahead

How do we get from the current scenario to the desired one? Together we set up a data strategy! We look at how we can visualize this and whether or not the use of marketing automation is necessary. We analyze the lead funnel and devise the necessary flows. 

Implementation: preparing, setting up, and building

In addition to the analysis and strategy, we are also happy to help you set up and build the necessary flows, nurture tracks, online campaigns, or dashboards. We look at this from a broad perspective and train you in dealing with data and insights. 

Execute and adjust

Data driven marketing never stops. It is a matter of optimizing, adjusting, and learning. We help you optimize the tools we deployed together, fill them with content, adjust flows, and update dashboards. 

Sustainable handling of your data

As brand specialists, we believe in a sustainable use of data. By including privacy in data from the start, a positive relationship based on transparency and loyalty between your brand and your customer emerges, strengthening the overall brand experience.

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