Marketing support

Selling complex technical concepts with the right mix of communication, a target group that is difficult to sway, a change in perception among your customers and prospects: we love to rack our brains to make your marketing challenge a resounding success. Your brand must stand out and your target audience ought to have their socks knocked off. To achieve this, we use various marketing techniques. A provoking marketing campaign, a spot-on content strategy or an ABM that brings in the costumer you are looking for? We are happy to support you with our expertise in the field of marketing communication! 💪🏻

Marketing strategy

Well begun is half done. The first step? A solid marketing plan in which you built a strategy to conquer your market position. We offer exactly the marketing support you need. We are a full service marketing agency, after all! That marketing support can be very extensive—such as developing a plan to the complete implementation—but small and specific questions are also welcome. Together we determine who your target audience is, how to approach them, and which strategy fits best. Have they been put on paper (or in Pages or Word)? Then we are good to go! Depending on your goal, we use one or more of the marketing techniques detailed below.

🧩 This is how we do it at PI Benelux, for example.

Account based marketing

Do you want to catch the eye of a small, select target audience? And also build a long-term relationship? Then a customer-specific marketing approach is for you! We call this Account Based Marketing, which we abbreviate to ABM. To court your target customer, you use ABM along with a specific message that matches the frame of reference and the needs of your target audience. Everything revolves around standing out and therefore creativity. Fortunately, the Factor Tachtig team is overflowing with creativity, and is happy to apply this for your brand! 

Marketing automation

Collecting data gives you valuable insight into your (potential) customer’s behavior. In addition to setting up a solid marketing strategy, you can also use this information to offer your target audience both personalized and relevant content. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all these things manually. Connect the information about your customer’s click behavior to your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and automate the customer journey with a few mouse clicks. Regardless of how broad or specific the target audience is, with marketing automation you always know how to hit home with the right content.❤️

Online marketing

Create awareness, generate new leads or simply increase your visibility online. It’s all possible with online marketing! We are therefore happy to use our online knowledge and experience to create and distribute creative content for you. Our marketing automation skills allow us to do this very specifically. We link the right data to a segmented target audience and send your message to your customer via the right channel.  Et voilĂ , the world knows who you are!

Your brand on the job market

Building a strong brand. That’s what we do. Not just for your customers, but also for (new) employees. It does not matter whether you are talking to a colleague or an external party: your message stays the same. But how do you make your brand attractive to your employees and how do new employees find you in the job market?  Our brand specialists are happy to strategize with you.

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