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At F80 we believe in connecting people to your brand. We enthusiastically create recognizable and inspiring online and offline campaigns.

By using content and design in clever ways, your company's communication will be hugely effective. We gladly offer our knowledge of, and innovative ideas about, online media to help strengthen your brand.

What can we do for you?

Factor Tachtig, maak je merk! Marketing & Communicatie.

Creation runs through our veins

Being creative is in our blood. At Factor Tachtig we're passionate about what we do. We love building campaigns, websites, shops, and messaging that fit seamlessly with your brand. Online channels are the foundation of a cross-media approach.

Innovating brands

We were teenagers in the 80s - the time when the world first got to know the internet. Since then we've kept track of all online developments and we make sure to incorporate them in our work. That's how we can deliver an innovative and effective mix of online and offline communications. We know how to create brand experiences that result in a strong and authentic brand.

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Are you ready for a refreshing perspective on communications? Feel free to contact us. We're more than happy to share our ideas and discuss the many possibilities with you. Give us a call: +31 411 631084 or email us:

Please read some of our cases:

- Content Marketing for Invoiceware
- Create a brand compass for Wassenburg Medical
- Industry specific Content Marketing for Goldfish ICT

Brand Strategist Jeroen van IJzendoorn

I realized early on that the connected economy would drastically change marketing communications. Based on this belief, I focus on effective online brand strategies. In my work I search for the soul of a brand. I believe that the only way to build a successful and authentic brand is to identify the brand basics and use these as a foundation for further brand development.

Creative Director Robert van de Wiel

I love the speed, immediacy and creative possibilities of the internet. I continuously explore what's funky and functional.

I am responsible for the creation of (online and offline) identity, branding, campaigns, and actions at Factor Tachtig. My goal: to make sure that design and content fit seamlessly with your brand. Communicating a persuasive message and enriching brand experience, regardless of the medium, that is what we do at Factor Tachtig.

What can Factor80 do for you

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