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A well-known brand in the Americas, InvoiceWare wanted to start exploring the European market. As a managed service provider for LATAM compliance, Invoiceware turned to us - not just for our knowledge of the local market but also because of our extended experience in the high-tech-oriented markets.

Targeted awareness

Invoiceware has a very specific target audience, potentially covering various silos on both regional and corporate level. As part of the European marcom strategy, we created a campaign that would catch the audience’s eye. Content created for the European market and reader was distributed and promoted via multiple channels including LinkedIn, GoogleAdds and Twitter. That way, Invoiceware’s blogs and other content, on LATAM e-invoicing compliance in general and their solutions in particular, regularly appeared on the timeline of the target audience.

Lead generation

How well do you know the ins and outs of compliance mandates in Latin America? That’s the main question we asked CFOs and Finance Managers in a fun yet insightful quiz. Sent together with a personal letter, the quiz cards were the first step to touch base with the target audience. All channels pointed to the European content-hub where we set several calls-to-action for conversion. Where needed, leads were nurtured with marketing automation in HubSpot.

Approaching a new target audience in a region where our name was not established yet. Quite a challenge! The team of Factor Tachtig helped out with a pragmatic content marketing approach that helped me as Business director to open doors. Apart from the meetings as a result of the personal letters, we have seen a large increase of web traffic out of Europe. This helps us to find and reach additional stakeholders and opportunities within target companies.

- Roel van de Vrande, European Business Director
Invoiceware International

About InvoiceWare

Invoiceware International (a Sovos company) standardizes complex compliance regulations in Latin America for the world's largest companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, Philips, Kellogg, DuPont and Siemens. As the largest regional business network, Invoiceware reduces the risk and cost of maintaining compliance, empowering its clients to capitalize on government standardized e-invoicing and fiscal reporting to improve supply chain efficiency and optimize cash flow. Invoiceware International is based in Atlanta and Sao Paulo with operations covering Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Argentina.

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