Wassenburg Medical: Corporate identity

For Wassenburg Medical, a world player in the endoscope-washing industry, we organized two workshops to help them (re)define their corporate identity. Together with management and representatives from across the organization, we were able to formulate their brand DNA, choose an archetype that reflects the Wassenburg brand, and determine their tone of voice.

Brand DNA

Based on various exercises and an extended round-table discussion, we wrote a first draft of Wassenburg’s brand DNA. The value of brand DNA - also known as a brand compass - is that it helps to align how a company and its employees act, think, innovate, train, hire, on-board, communicate, and develop. The DNA is at the core of the company and spans multiple departments and functions. Wassenburg’s brand DNA was formally written after the evaluation and analysis of both workshops.


The second step of the process is determining the brand character. An important element is finding which archetype best reflects the company. The concept of archetypes is created by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who defined twelve main characters with their own set of values, meanings and traits. Choosing an archetype helps to further shape and strengthen the brand.

Tone of voice

A final element for brand character is finding the tone of voice. Together with the visual character, this is how a brand is represented in e.g. corporate communication. After the two workshops, Wassenburg had the blueprint for the company’s corporate identity, as well as the tools to express this identity.

About Wassenburg Medical

Wassenburg develops and designs washing machines to clean and disinfect flexible endoscopes. Wassenburg’s unique and patented disinfection concept - in which the washing, disinfecting, and monitoring processes are separate - was invented by Gerrit Wassenburg, founder and former owner of the company.

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