When building your brand, always start from your “why”. Why do you do what you do? Here you will find your brand’s values. Then ask the question: how can I make this why visible, internally as well as externally? How do I get all my colleagues to communicate these values? And, how do you stay recognizable to your target audience? With an archetype! This brings character to your brand. It guides all your (marcom) expressions. In your archetype, you’ll find your corporate culture. There are 12 archetypes, all of whom have universal recognitions and reactions.

Archetype: discover which one fits your brand.



The creator is original, intuitive, and loves to create an ideal. They surprise us over and over again and is a true artist. The creator is innovative and has a congenital ability to develop, to build, to present and to execute. Don’t be surprised when the creator comes dashing in with an out of the box proposition you never had imagined. Creator brands: Apple, Google, Lego and of course Factor Tachtig. #nevergrowup!


Discovery. Travel. Always looking for an adventure. They are convinced life has more to offer than that which they have experienced up until now. They choose freedom and the unknown. They dive into the deep end without hesitating. This authentic individual chooses the road less traveled and will not hop onto a band wagon. Explorer brands: Landrover, Breitling.


This rebel does not abide by your rules. Interrupting the establishment is all that matters. They are the bad guy, the villain you love to hate. Their goal: radical change. Provoke. Challenge. Rules are made to be broken. If you identify with them, you probably think of yourself as at least a little tough. Rebel brands: Harley Davidson, Diesel.


The court jester or joker is all about fun and play. They are the stand-up comedian among the archetypes. Their motto: you only live once. They are more then happy to help you escape from the daily grind. To do this, they are armed with a good sense of humor. They cheerfully and playfully get their message across and challenges serious issues. But only when he can. Funny, subtle, and ready to break taboos. Jester brands: Ben&Jerry’s, Amstel.


The lover is out to tempt you. They create experiences full of passion, aimed at long lasting relationships and memories. They speak to all your senses. Recall your most vivid memory. Memories like those, only the lover can create. The lover wants to improve your quality of life. They are not necessarily romantic, not feminine. They are the perfect combination of James Bond and a very fine, exclusive wine. Lover brands: Dior, Alfa Romeo, Magnum.


This protector prioritizes people. They are always happy to lend an ear, a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. Caring is in their blood. They give unconditional support and make you feel like you belong. Openness, attentiveness, and reliability are hallmarks of the caregiver. The caregiver strives for harmony and is selfless. They help you bring out your best self. Caregiver brands: Volvo, Amnesty International, Starbucks.


The everyman, woman, or person, among the archetypes. They are a good neighbor, who are always happy to help you out. Their sympathetic and no-nonsense attitude make them beloved by many. The average Joe or Jolene is real, honest and works hard. You feel comfortable around them. Like an equal. Working together towards a shared goal, is something the everyman loves to do more than anything else. Everyman brands: Hema, Ikea, Opel.


This sweet summer child lives life as it should be. Pure. Perfect. Without a care in the world. With their childlike, somewhat naive, outlook on life they have an unconditional trust in the people around them and their environment. The innocent assumes people have the right intentions. They are an example of optimism and loyalty. They are honest and they make you feel protected and trusted. They desire paradise. And… World peace. Innocent brands: Spa, Zwitsal, Dove.


The rulers always looks for structure, safety and order. They do not like to lose control. And they won’t. They are the monarch among the archetypes. They know how to step into the spotlight and command position as a leader. To do this, they need their people. Righteousness and responsibility fit them like a glove. They are always in charge and they are expected to guide the path forwards. They bring order into chaos. Ruler brands: Mercedes, Albert Heijn, Nespresso.


This wise archetype is always working on their personal development. They wish to understand the world around them. In their quest, they gather wisdom and knowledge. Their brains are always working overtime and they love to come up with innovative solutions to complex questions. Without development and discovery, the sage cannot flourish. They are a philosopher, secure in their abilities, knowledgeable, and play the part of coach. Sharing their knowledge comes naturally to them. Sage brands: Dyson, Philips


The magician is true to their name: they make the impossible, possible. Their stardust makes dreams come true. They get people going. According to these wizards, there are no limits. Armed with their magic wand they always find a way, and that way is a yellow brick road. We are not in Kansas anymore. Transformation is the magic word for this archetype. Their awareness—and ability to bend negativity to positivity—is their power. Magician brands: War Child, Axe, Red Bull


The hero understands your tribulations. They are focused, always go for gold, and strive to go even further beyond. They inspire you to be a little braver, stronger, and to stand a little taller. Heroic, just like they are. They are the archetype’s Batman. They never give up and never back down from a challenge. Hero brands: Nike, BMW..

Keep in mind, your brand is always changing. Your brand is not set in stone. Given time, your brand might need to take on a different archetype.

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