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A good story that gets picked up, published and shared? Sharp writing is just the first step. For your news to land effectively, you need someone familiar with the media landscape, someone who has an idea about how an editor would think, but most importantly, knows what kind of storytelling would excite an editor.

Here’s what we can do

Are you looking for an agency that knows the world of high-tech and technology like the back of its hand? One that can turn your message into a compelling story for press and for the public? We hear you. From strategy to execution, we take the entire PR process off your hands. We focus on earned media or free publicity.

PR strategy

Before you start writing a press release, it is important to determine your strategy. Being in every magazine is great, but it is more important to build an optimal image. A good PR strategy leads to that. With a strong strategy, you can think ahead, anticipate (negative) events and position your company as a leader in your field. In short, good strategy ensures more engagement, visibility and growth opportunities. Becoming successful and staying so in the competitive (high tech) market? We help you with the correct strategy.

Press releases

You have news. But turning that into news suitable for publication? That’s an art in itself. Therefore it is always advisable to hire a copywriter. We not only help you determine the news value of your story, but also present it in the right way. And more importantly, at the right time and with the right medium. Would you also like to get that message translated? And focus on the international market? We can help you with that too.

Press lists & press contact

In addition to writing press releases, we also create custom media lists with relevant press contacts and help you in maintaining contact with editors. You have the story and we have the connections.

To sum it up

We help you spread your message, news or vision. Would you prefer to write a press release yourself, but need a little support with the rest? No problem, we can help address that too. In short – if you need a strong PR process, you can leave that to us.

Seasoned editors

Seasoned editors

Smart and fast pen

Smart and fast pen

Specialized in tech

Specialized in tech

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