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Factor Tachtig drives attraction for B2B brands. We create strong and functional marketing communication concepts. The recipe? A combination of brand strategy, data, content creation, and brand design. Build your brand.

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Your brand, our expertise


Define who you are. That’s the most important step. Using the 23plusone method, we help you, together with your team, determine for that intrinsic drivers: your mission, strategy, vision, your culture, your values, and your archetype. Then we pull it all together in a clear brand compass for you.


Now that you’ve got your basics clear, it’s time to create a fitting personality that encapsulates ‘this is what we’re like’. At the intersection of strategy, design, and stories, we build your brand by developing an appropriate tone of voice and a corporate identity.


Nurturing your brand consistently creates appeal. Invest in the recognizability of your brand by developing and rolling out strong marketing communication campaigns.

Build your brand