4 personas for a strong labor market campaign

Cegeka Business Solutions specializes in providing the right IT solutions and services, focused on Microsoft Dynamics.

Whether it’s migrating the entire administration of an IT company to the cloud or protecting a supplier against ransomware, Cegeka takes care of it. And very successfully we might add! They have taken the IT service management of various organizations to a higher level.

The right tool for the job

Cegeka is a family business through and through, which is also reflected in their relationships with their customers. Now they also want to bring these values to life among their employees with the new ‘Aspire to More’ campaign. But how? How do you attract new employees? How do you connect them to your organization? And what resources do you use for this? The company turned to Factor Tachtig to answer these questions.

‘Aspire to More’ was created to get Cegeka employees to think about their ambitions. What am I good at? How can I better help a customer? But above all: what do I like? Growing together is their top priority, and something that they’d like to communicate externally.

Personas for targeted content

It was immediately clear to us that if you want to anticipate the ambitions of your (future) employees, you first have to be clear about what they find important. That’s why we created personas as a first step. The potential employees at Cegeka can be divided into 4 target groups: young professionals, professionals D365, vendors, and lateral entrants. We conducted interviews to get a better picture of these groups.

Using what we learned from these interviews, and Google’s see-think-do-care model as a base, we crafted a messaging framework. We created targeted content using this framework. For example, story graphics were created to visualize the career path of young professionals. White papers, vacancy texts and numerous social media posts were also written. And, we created fun day-in-the-life cases and giveaways for new employees which will be rolled-out soon!
We’ll continue to plant seeds within the target group. We want to encourage them to enter into discussions with Cegeka.

We look forward to a continued collaboration in which we connect more people to the brand. And who knows, even create a few Cegeka superfans.

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