Rebels with a cause. And a B Corp certification.

If you know us, you know we view business as a piece of a larger puzzle. With the environment and the community making the whole. We’re all interdependent. That thought has driven how we run Factor Tachtig and all our decision making. Keeping with the status quo is just lack of imagination. We believe in taking a different route and making a difference. And getting certified as a B Corp agency in 2023 is a validation of that. It’s our badge of honor.

What is a B Corp?

B Corps or benefit corporations are for-profit companies that use their business as a force for good. Certification is done by B Lab, a non-profit network aiming to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. B Corp businesses aim to balance purpose and profit by meeting rigorous (and we can vouch they are!) standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. In every aspect of the business: from employee benefits to charitable giving to sustainability. We might add that we’re in pretty good company here. Other B Corps you may know:

“I like knowing that I’m working with people who believe that business can be conducted in a thoughtful way, where prioritizing the humanity of people and minimizing harm to the planet are central and not in conflict with generating a profit.”

Branding specialist (EN), Grace

Why we became a B Corp

At Factor Tachtig, we aimed to disrupt the conventional norms of running a creative agency, from the start. Our core values prioritize people and the planet, not just financial gains. We believe our money should go to—and come from—other ethical businesses. It is challenging for an organization like ours, to make financial decisions based on this. But we choose to do so because that is who we are. Joining the expanding global B Corps movement just felt like a natural step, given our shared values and approach.

We need to be clear – becoming a certified B Corp is part of our journey, not the goal. We believe that being a better business should be the norm rather than an exception.

Nearly 7000 companies across 90 countries are certified B Corps, with over 500 of those based in Netherlands and 6 based right here in Eindhoven.

How we got certified

The process of becoming a B Corp starts with practicing what B Lab preaches—running a business as a means for positive change. Whether it relates to social, environmental, or community impact or organizational practices.

The procedure for the actual certification involves an impact assessment with B Lab Europe, the European extension of B Lab Global. An online questionnaire takes you through almost 200 questions about every aspect of your business, not just services and output. You earn points across various parameters. For example, for us it included supporting other B Corps such as an ethical banking option like Triodos Bank, working with as many local suppliers as possible, having a workforce of more than 50% women and planting a tree for every project with Trees for All. It’s a mix of big decisions and the tiny choices we make every day. Once we received a verified score of 80 points, we moved on to being reviewed and verified by BIA analysts. If they determine everything is in order you earn the certification. Factor Tachtig was certified with an initial score of 80.8 (we take all those 8s as a very good sign!)

Where do we go from here?

Onwards, of course. It helps to know that the B Corp certification needs to be renewed (and re-reviewed) every three years. This ensures there is motivation and a plan to improve our score. To continue doing what we do, but better. But first, a little pat on the back.

I feel like I am part of a team working towards a bigger cause here. The reason I chose to work with Factor Tachtig was that my personal values were aligned with a lot of the company’s. 

Content creator, Pratibha

Get involved!

One way you can support the B Corp movement and drive positive change is simply by choosing to buy goods and services from certified brands. There’s a huge range of B Corps, proving that there are organizations doing things differently in all industries, all across the globe. Find a B corp.

Are you curious to learn more about our B Corp journey? Or do you want to know what it is like working with a B Corp certified branding and marketing agency? Or maybe you just want to discuss how your business can start being a force for good? We’re always happy to meet you over coffee for a chat.

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