Brand design: strategic & creative

Your brand is the foundation, content tells the message, but how do you ensure that together they pull at your customer’s heartstrings? With the right design, of course! Creative and effective design touches people. Whether it’s a user-friendly website design, an illuminating infographic, an annual report, a sharpened website for an unsurpassed user experience, or a corporate identity that radiates your values. Our designers are ready for you!

From developing your logo to building a webshop, how can we be of service?

Logo & Corporate identity

Your logo underlines who you are. We expand your identity with design, with expressions that specifically suit you. From business cards to lettering, from the perfect look for a campaign to a website or a complete corporate identity—all of these are essential parts of the total experience of your brand.

A fresh look and feel for a modern brand with a rich history. For Hendor we created a new, recognizable corporate identity, matching video, and developed a brand voice. You can see the result on the Hendor case page.

Web design

You reach your target audience through your website. A visit should therefore be love at first sight. The look of your website must be spot-on, the functionality must be well put together, and the content must be intuitive for your visitor to find. We achieve this with a cleverly thought-out web design.


A complete story clearly told in one picture. In an infographic you combine data, facts, and the common thread into a strong message that you can spread across various channels. With this clever combination of text and image you shape your story in a concise way. An infographic can be distributed online, but we can also have it printed on a roll up banner for you.


A collection of your best blogs, an anniversary edition, or a book with stories about your most successful cases or collaborations. With state-of-the-art design, your message gets across even better.

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