Not a brand revolution but an evolution for DPI

How we made a beautiful brand even more beautiful

Today’s science, tomorrow’s industry: if it’s up to DPI—the research platform for polymers. Although they are well on their way, they want to make even more impact by transforming from a research platform to an innovation community. How do you turn a strong brand into an even stronger brand?

Who is DPI?

To answer this question, we first had to clarify who DPI is as a brand. We used the proven 23plusone method to answer this question. What story does DPI want to tell? What are the why, how, and what of the brand? The pieces quickly fell into place: our planet needs breakthrough solutions in polymers. They knew their target audience, but during our research we found that there were still some DPI fans who’d yet to discover the platform for themselves. These people also deserve some attention. That’s where marketing communication comes in!

“If you work with a marketing and communication agency, you want to be understood and see that your own ideas are picked up and processed. In addition, you naturally want to be challenged to take a fresh look at your own product and be surprised with the results of the collaboration with creative minds. Jeroen made excellent contact right from the start and, together with the team, guided us well to clarify, rejuvenate, and make our own brand more sustainable.”

Ernst Jan van Klinken,
Managing Director DPI

We build brands together

What is the relevance for the customer? What does your brand stand for and what can you offer to meet the needs of the target audience? After an intensive brainstorming session, we had the right answers. And so the proposition—shaping polymer innovation—was born. At DPI, innovation becomes reality.

The right direction

Together we put that proverbial line on the horizon—consciously not just a dot. You can always adjust a direction, but a dot is fixed. Not convenient for a company that stands for innovation, right? DPI already had a suitable corporate identity, but it could be tightened up and supplemented here and there. Not a brand revolution, but a conscious evolution. Their brand already had a lot of value, so we didn’t want to lose it. Our design team advised, among other things, to make the switch from a hard to a softer color palette. We adjusted the tagline; then team content had ideas for a matching tone of voice and new content that would shine. We stored all these brand frameworks in the ‘DPI handbook’, which we handed over to DPI at the end of this process.

“After developing our new organizational strategy, it was time to also strengthen the DPI brand and communication. We started this process with Factor Tachtig and are very happy with the results so far. Thanks to the targeted questions from the Factor Tachtig team, we have come to the core of ‘why do we do the things we do’, so that we can communicate this better and more specified. We have taken the first steps in implementing this in our resources and we look forward to everything that is yet to come!”

Christianne Scharff-Bastiaens,
Communications DPI

To another planet

Turning a beautiful brand into an even more beautiful brand was, of course, super fun. But what we really liked? The DPI Annual Meeting where André Kuipers, among others, shared his story with the public (see photo!). Here, everything came together, from brand proposition to content and design. Rutger took care of the event’s branding—from video intros and outros to the background of the studio. You could also find Anne on set, who made sure everything went smoothly. And Robert, of course. He was involved with everything!

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