ERAC – The same brand, kicked up a notch

ERAC helps governments, knowledge institutions, and companies in Europe tackle major challenges in the areas of the regional economy and the energy transition.

They do a lot at ERAC. Together they work on large social projects and they do so with a lot of passion and drive. But why exactly? And where are they headed? According to ERAC, the time was ripe to focus on the answers to these questions. A big office move—from Den Bosch to the BOLD building in Strijp-S— was the motivation they needed to take a closer look at the ERAC brand.

“The feeling that has stayed with me in particular, is that we did it together.”

Jolande Wijman, Strategic Marketer & MT

The Insider Scan

In order to involve every employee in the ‘brand evolution’, we started with an Insider Scan. Using a questionnaire we gained insight into what ERAC employees personally find important, how they view the brand, and what they would like to see more of in the ERAC brand. This provided valuable input for the brand evolution.

ERAC brand-evolution - new logo
Photo of the ERAC brand compas workshop where people laying 23plus1 cards on the floor

Brand compass and a new visual identity

This was followed by a workshop with people from different departments, at our office. The key question we wanted to answer: what makes ERAC employees get out of bed? Using the intuitive 23plusone method, we reached the core of that answer together.

From this, we developed the brand compass, where their core values, mission, vision, brand story, and BHAG were clearly formulated. At the same time, we worked on a new visual identity that captured ERAC’s core values. After some back-and-forth and new input, we translated this into the end product: a clear, well-arranged brand book.

ERAC brand-evolution – brand book


Now that the brand book is ready, it’s time to let the ‘new’ brand come to life. We believe that this will mainly driven by the employees of ERAC themselves. But, of course, we can make some contributions to this! For example, we gave a tone-of-behavior presentation, where we gave tips on how to subtly (but successfully) put the brand values into practice. After all, small, daily changes build the brand.

With ERAC happy, we’re happy. We look forward to a bright, sustainable future as a brand partner of ERAC.

ERAC brand-evolution - preliminary web design

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