Human Centric Wearables: coming up with, and executing, a smart (marketing) plan

Client: TNO at Holst Centre

B2B marketing plan

Writing and implementing a practical, measurable marketing communications plan for a technologically advanced research organization in the Eindhoven Brainport region = Right up our alley!

Human Centric Wearables

Innovation for a resilient society: this is the vision and mission of TNO at Holst Center. A research institute that brings together companies, people, and knowledge to develop innovative solutions and prototypes. For the Healthcare & Vitality market, Holst has combined technical expertise—including in the field of printed electronics and sensors—with fashion design to create wearable and people-friendly solutions. These ‘human centric wearables’ (think smart mouth masks, health patches and clothing with implemented sensors) do their job without restricting people’s movements.

A six-step plan

TNO at Holst Center has the expertise, the technology, and also a good international reputation. A solid, practical and executable marketing approach was what was missing. Factor Tachtig set up a six-step plan to get from concept to implementation. Interviews with the most important stakeholders formed the basis for this plan. We then worked out a proposition: which part of the brain do you want to occupy with your target group (with your brand values as the basis, of course)?. We didn’t do this just by ourselves. Feedback from the TNO at Holst team was important input to fine-tune the plan together. In the end, we created a practical and measurable plan for 2021, which was implemented in phases.

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Read a blog about smart clothing that we wrote here or watch the video for which we wrote the script. More to come!

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